4 Ways to Boost Your Roofing Business

Posted on August 24, 2022 by Berverley Chengetai

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The roofing business is a competitive and lucrative industry. According to IBISWorld, the Roofing Contractors industry's market size, measured by revenue, is currently at $56.1bn. This statistic is expected to grow continuously in the upcoming years due to the increasing popularity of construction and roofing projects.

Growing your roofing business will take work and dedication, but it’s not impossible. There are avenues available at little to no cost that can produce exceptional results and growth for your company. Check out these four ways you can accomplish this growth while fitting into any budget.

Invest in a Robust Roofing Software

Most roofing companies still use whiteboards and spreadsheets to keep track of all their leads, bids, and projects. However, investing in powerful roofing software that can do roof measurements, estimates, personalized reports, scheduling your measures and meetings, and more guarantees the growth of your roofing business. Book for a FREE Live demo and learn how Pitch Gauge can be a solution for your business.

Increase Your Online Presence

Word-of-mouth is no longer enough to grow your roofing business and stay ahead of your competitors. When someone is facing an urgent roof problem, or they have a leak, chances are they will use search engines to look up for help. If your business is not online, it’s time you invest in an online marketing strategy. A business website can be your silent salesperson, operating 24/7 to generate new leads.
We’d also highly recommend leveraging paid ads, SEO, and being active on Social Media. For example, Facebook has over a million roofing community groups that can increase your business awareness and project leads.

Continuously Learning and Enhancing Your Services

Remember, the better services your business provides, the better your brand reputation becomes. When you deliver exceptional jobs and go above and beyond for every customer, they will rave about your business. This will increase your chances of getting more referrals and great positive online reviews, which can boost your online visibility and business growth.  

Always continue to learn, get relevant certifications, attend roofing exhibitions, and engage with your roofing community to ensure your personal and business growth. Learning new skills and adding more services and product lines to your offerings will guarantee growth for your roofing business.

Showcase Your Work

Showcasing your work on numerous social media profiles is often the simplest and lowest cost method. Always document your projects and showcase them on your website, past company, email marketing, and more. Having a roofing portfolio of your work helps build credibility and trust, increasing your chances of bringing in new projects for your roofing business. 

Search for local community volunteering opportunities and wear your branded clothes to showcase your roofing brand. In this way, you will be giving back to the community and increasing your business brand awareness simultaneously.

With the right strategies in place, you can scale your company and achieve your business growth goals. In addition, we will be exhibiting at this year's RoofCON Expo in Orlando, Florida, on November 6-8th. We'd love for you to be our guest if you consider attending. We are giving away FREE Expo Pass tickets - Download Pitch Gauge and follow our social media pages to stand a chance to WIN.

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